Archana Pathak

Archana Pathak, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Archana A. Pathak, Ph.D., (University of Oklahoma, 1998) is a diasporic feminist scholar-activist who examines issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality and scientific imperialism from a social justice perspective. Academically trained in intercultural communication and qualitative research methodologies, she utilizes autoethnography to explore how we tell ourselves and each other who we are. She is a former president and board member of The Conciliation Project, a not-for-profit social justice theater organization that addresses issues of racism and oppression. While serving in an official capacity with The Conciliation Project, she co-authored a staged reading, "A Canary's Call: dismantling the 'master's house'", which is a satirical look at the experiences of women of color in academia. Her TED Talk titled "Embracing My Superpower: Living in the In-Between", is based on her scholarly work on immigration and race.