Why gender, sexuality and women's studies?

In all that we do, we strive to put our students first.

We work to foster an academic environment where all students feel respected, valued and heard, and where they can be challenged and challenge each other.

Social transformation is at the core of our mission. As a discipline, we examine constructions of gender and sexuality as they intersect with other categories of identity such as race and class. We work toward social justice and collective liberation. We engage in rigorous interdisciplinary academic study, as well as community engagement, activism and creative production. 

Your Skills

As a GSWS student, you will develop the skills to:

  • Think critically and inspect ethical issues and quandaries 
  • Identify and examine your own biases
  • Systems thinking with real-world context/examples
  • Engage with communities in grassroots organizing work
  • Develop pragmatic solutions to contemporary problems

Your Future

GSWS graduates have gone on to:

  • Work in diversity, equity and inclusion in corporations, schools, hospitals and other settings
  • Work in public health and medicine
  • Work in social work and other human services professions
  • Work in law, policy and government
  • Work in the nonprofit sector for mission-driven organizations

A degree in gender, sexuality and women’s studies can also serve as a strong interdisciplinary foundation for future study in graduate or professional school.

Explore career paths for GSWS majors.