Dawn Johnson

Dawn Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Dawn Johnson, J.D., Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the GSWS Department, and Affiliate Faculty, African American Studies Department. She is a social media enthusiast, feminist pedagogy researcher and an aspiring educator from rural Virginia. She received her doctorate from VCU's Media Art and Text, an interdisciplinary program, in May 2021. Dawn also obtained a certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at VCU.

Dawn has a background in English and law and policy with a Juris Doctor from the University of Richmond and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia. Her areas of interest include feminist research, Black feminism and digital media studies, applying a lens of intersectionality, gender studies, social media studies, critical race feminism and social justice matters. Dawn's dissertation is entitled: "Black Feminist Thought, Interrupted - Dissecting the Voice of Black Feminists in the Blogosphere and their Engagement with Platform Affordances."

On a personal note, Dawn enjoys writing, reading and planning events. Also, she has self-published a poetry book. In her downtime, which is very little, she loves to spend time connecting with her husband, family and friends. You can read more about Dawn on her personal website.