Kay Coghill

KaLyn Coghill

Graduate Teaching Assistant


Working overtime to become the Beyoncé of Academia, KáLyn Coghill is a current doctorate student in the Media, Art, and Text program who is a published digital humanities scholar. They earned their Bachelor’s degree in English (creative writing poetry and linguistics) from Old Dominion University and their master’s degree in Organizational Communications from Bowie State University. Outside of being a graduate student KáLyn is the Digital Director for the Me Too Movement International. Their work focuses on amplifying the voices of survivors and survivor justice with care. They are also an abortion doula and a community organizer.

Their research focuses on digital violence against Black women and non-binary femmes and gender-based violence. They are working on creating ways to keep these people safe online while holding platforms like Twitter accountable for their lack of protection and privacy. They also research and write about Black feminism in digital spaces, Hip Hop and digital Black girlhood.

KáLyn enjoys making their classrooms feel like safe spaces, so their teaching style is compassionate, thoughtful and encouraging. They tie the digital into all of their work and like to make connections from the physical world to the digital spaces we use every day. KáLyn teaches their created course Hip Hop Feminism and Poetry along with Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's studies, and Women in Literature in the GSWS department and they add a unique approach to the courses by incorporating social media, current TikTok challenges and captivating documentaries to expand the thinking process

You can visit KáLyn's personal website to learn more about them and their scholarship. You can also keep up with their work and happenings on their socials: twitter and instagram.