Richmond City Jail



The Education Department Coordinator is a civilian position within the Education Pillar of the Program Department. The Coordinator’s function is to ensure educational opportunities are available to all residents who desire to learn and further their education level.

There will be two (2) interns under the Open Minds Project VCU-RCJ School University who will work with the Education Coordinator as educational specialists (i.e., tutors of writing and other subjects as needed; student teachers will work directly with a master teacher and share in all actual education department responsibilities two to three [2-3] days per week with a minimum 20 hours commitment)

Please read the following document for further details and the directions on how to apply below.

RCJC Education Department Coordinator Position


  • Submit a letter of intent (which outlines any experience you have working with prisoners or any other type of activist work, why you want to work at RCJ, what you think you’ll get out of the work, and what you can contribute to the work)
  • Submit a recent resume
  • Submit all materials to the front desk of the GSWS Department, Crenshaw House, 919 W. Franklin St., 1st Floor
  • Submit all materials by August 15th, 2014