People's Librarians

Internship Position Description

Title:                          The People’s Librarian Internship

Available:                  Fall or Spring Semesters

Location:                   101 East Franklin Street, Richmond Public Library

Hours:                       7-10 hours per week

Compensation:         Unpaid

Application Deadline for Fall 2013 Semester:              September 5th, 2013


Application Deadline for Spring 2014 Semester:         ASAP

The People’s Library is a seeking a 7-10-hour-per-week intern for the Fall 2013 and/or Spring 2014 semesters. The People’s Library is a collaborative art project that works in partnership with the Richmond Public Library to recycle discarded books and create new handmade books in which Richmonders can capture their personal histories. Through community engagement, The People’s Library presents an alternative model for the production of history and public/socially engaged art.

Each People’s Librarian Intern will have both responsibility and autonomy.  Their responsibilities will be to (a) help manage and maintain the People’s Library collection, (b) to mentor a Teen People’s Librarian selected from the Richmond Public Library’s Teen Program, and (c) to facilitate 6-8 workshops a month where they will help produce each aspect of the project (paper making, bookbinding, silk-screening, and creative writing).  Each workshop lasts 3 hours and would be held twice a week at the main branch of the Richmond public library on East Franklin Street.

The People’s Librarian Interns will have autonomy to choose a theme or community on which to focus their work. Workshops and outreach efforts throughout the semester will focus on whichever theme or community they decide on in the permanent collection of the project.  This autonomy allows for the People’s Library project to grow and evolve in organic ways and allows for participants to control the project’s trajectory.

The People’s Library is an ongoing public art project that is on permanent display at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library.

Interested applicants and all inquiries should be directed to:

Mark Strandquist

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