Bethany Coston, Ph.D


Assistant Professor

Bethany Coston is a sociologically-trained activist scholar who has spent time in both NYC and Michigan educating, protesting, and participating in research on sexualities and the making of sexual identities, violence, health and wellness, the institution of medicine, and community-based organizing. Bethany spends most of their time with community-based and grassroots organizations/groups that work to end LGBTQ and same-sex intimate partner violence and make victims’/survivors’ lives physically and psychologically better in the process. You can find their research in the Journal of Social Issues, Nevada Law Review, and the newly published volume Health Care Disparities and the LGBT Population (edited by Vickie L. Harvey and Teresa Heinz Housel), among others. Bethany is also passionate about bringing these interests and issues into their teaching; no matter the topics taught, Bethany aims to expand boundaries, question normality, and deconstruct reality. When not in the field or teaching, you can find Bethany watching reality tv and docudramas with their wife and two dog-children.